Welcome to Rekindling, a settlement building and management game. You are tasked with rebuilding society after the ZTD virus has taken over and turned the masses into mindless creatures. Build, Harvest, Mine, and Fight with your survivors to build a sustainable society and take steps towards finding the cure!


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About Rekindling:

The ZTD virus has taken over and turned the majority of the population in Zims. Zims are mindless creatures that will stop at nothing to find and devour human flesh. You find yourself in charge of a colony of survivors trying to rebuild society.

Rekindling is a survivor management game where you must task your survivors with building up a sustainable settlement. Command your survivors to build, farm, mine and fight.
Harvest the land
Randomly generated worlds each time you play across multiple different biomes. You must collect nearby scraps, rocks and trees to prepare for the Zim attacks that happen each night!

Build your settlement

Over 50 unique items to build and create in order to enhance your settlement.

infinite possibilities

The Survivors are all randomly generated with goals, likes, skills and bad habits.

Avoid death

The Zims like the dark and will come out to attack each night! Make sure you are ready to fight back the hordes.

Planed features

Here are some features that we would like to add to the game before the full release. Updates will come out every week with these additions as well as other fun features. We have already started to implement a lot of these since we have gone into early access. Features with a (~) mean they have already been added in some form

(~)Full research tree for unlocking new items for your survivors

(~)More dynamic survivor interactions. Such as dealing with outsiders and distrust/love between existing survivors

(~)Tons of more items and objects

(~)A mission driven scenario mode where you have a colony already and have to solve its problems
Steam Workshop custom items&buildings

(~)Control mode where you can become a survivor and do actions directly controlling them as them

(~)More sandbox and free build options such as picking the starting world settings

(~)More Biomes and environmental differences such as Tundras, swamps and grand forests

(~)More ZIM variants EX: a large slow ZIM that destroys buildings.


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Outro Music: “Collide (Instrumental Version)” by Mikael Persson (Epidemic Sound)

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July 16, 2020

This really seems cool! A little loose with the command controls, they really didn’t want to attack or gather right when you asked them to. Well played.



July 16, 2020

cant wait to see more, luv to watch games grow.


Bingo Bongo

July 16, 2020

0/10 no ate without table debuff


Lucky 13

July 16, 2020

Awesome, this game looks amazing


SFS Studios

July 16, 2020

Thanks for checking us out 🙂 Couple things you mentioned in the video. You can have them 'manually attack' by right clicking them then giving them at attack job from the give job. There has to already be an attack job issued though. (next update it will automatically make one with that click) Also finding the cure things are also coming next update as well! Feel free to let us know any other things you would like to see.


Jason Wayne

July 16, 2020

Definitely clicking "not interested" on steam. This is a gameboy version of Rimworld.


Ciko Corleone

July 16, 2020

Nice more please, i enjoy it



July 16, 2020

lol what a ripoff


Lord Moose

July 16, 2020

Eeehhhh. I'm not wholly impressed with the game's dev progress so far. It's like it's trying to incorporate mods from RimWorld (Zombieland, Camera+, Medieval Times, etc) too much instead of finding its own identity.

I'll probably check out again when it fully releases. It's pretty disappointing so far.

Still. Thumbs up for the stellar video regardless. Also, do you plan on covering Wasteland 3 when it comes out? Both SP and MP? I've got it pre-ordered regardless but I do enjoy watching separate playthroughs as I progress.


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