Ace Ventura (VPX)

You can view all the details and links to download this table on our Website.

We are testing Virtual Pinball tables on a Virtual Pinball cabinet.
Here are the components on our cabinet:

( Computer and Software )

Computer and parts:

Windows 10 64 bit Dell, 12 Gigs of ram, Intel I5, 128 SSD, 512 Hard drive, 2 Ledwiz, 1 sainsmart board 16 ports, Zero delay board, 10 Siemens 24V contactors, 2 24v solenoids, 1 24v blower fan, gear motor, Stern shaker motor, 2 strips of addressable led, 2 addressable LED rings, 5 Led flash bar Home made, 2X Quatro Power board, 2X ground board, Virtuapin Digital Plunger kit, Backlit buttons, 2X 120mm LED fans, 40″ 1080P , 28″ 1080p, 15″ monitor, 24V power supply, 12V power supply, 5V power supply, 24V to 12V converter, Shaker motor Dimmer dial.
You can find the parts list HERE

Software: Pinup Poper V 1.42, Visual Pinball X (Version 10.6 3664 ), Future Pinball, Pinball Arcade Cabinet Mode, Pinball FX3 Cabinet Mode, Zaccaria Tables Cabinet mode, Doflinx, DOF R3 Beta , UltraDMD, Freezy 1.7, Future DMD,

Building a Virtual Pinball system is something you can accomplish. We release 2 guides on how to build your own virtual pinball systems. You can find the Youtube series here

You can view the guides on our website for free.

We also have a free PDF guide called Virtual Pinball A-Z which is a older guide but a very good reference.

Installing PinUp Popper Video:
Installing Pinup Popper Guide:

Want to colorize your Roms?

Want some virtual pinball boards visit our store:


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July 16, 2020

Quit / Resume is a pain when testing, as you have to expel/drain all Ball's and Credits, to Zero It, Unless you have a Tip ?
I have plenty of Tips for a 2 screen set-up and easy placement of freezy's dmd on Backglass that different sized Grills



July 16, 2020

I thought TBA = Too Be Announced LoL


Csepregi Ivan

July 16, 2020

Nice gameplay video!You're a better player than me 🙂


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